Investment Updates: 2020 is Hindsight

January 25, 2021

We all have a word or phrase to describe what 2020 was like for us.  Among the more politely printable options, “Extraordinary” may sum up the year for investors.  Through a period of extraordinary volatility, global markets finished the year ahead of where they started.  And although it was extraordinarily challenging, investors were rewarded for maintaining a disciplined approach. 

“Cautious Optimism” may be appropriate words to consider as 2021 gets underway.  We believe that progress in countering Covid-19 and additional government stimulus measures will bring much needed relief to small- and mid-size companies.  In addition, improving global economic conditions and favorable exchange rates may create investment opportunities overseas. 

Accordingly, we are making a few strategic adjustments to help us stay on course.  We’re harvesting investment gains in large U.S. companies to invest in small- and mid-size U.S. companies.  In some portfolios, we also are increasing investments in emerging and developed foreign markets. 

Looking ahead, we’re watching for potential tax and regulatory changes as a new U.S. President and Congress begin their work.  Likewise, we’ll continue to monitor progress in the global Covid-19 response and will adjust our strategies as needed.

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