How We Help

Client Centered

As we look ahead to changes in our lives, it is normal to wonder, “Will I be okay?” Helping our clients navigate major life transitions is central to our approach.

Our services are designed to help guide our clients from what may be an uncertain starting point to a more confident, empowered future.

Working closely together, we work to help you organize your finances, inform you of important steps to take, and empower you to move forward with confidence.

What We Do

We identify ways to help improve your financial decisions, providing tools, education and resources that can pave the way for a calm, confident outlook on your financial future.  Our comprehensive approach is focused on the following areas:

Financial Planning

We focus on fundamentals to build a complete picture of your financial situation. Centered on your goals, we create a detailed plan to guide you and track your progress.

Investment Management

With your goals clearly in mind, we work together to build an investment approach that works for you. We monitor and adjust your portfolio as needed to help keep you on track.

Tax Planning

We believe that long-term financial success depends not only on what you make, but on what you keep. Our tax planning service is designed to help you navigate increasingly complex thresholds and make tax-smart decisions.

Insurance Review

Initially and ongoing, we will review your health, long-term care, life and disability insurance needs to confirm the coverage you have is adequate, affordable, and appropriate given your needs, goals, and insurable risks.

Estate Planning

With the guidance of estate planning professionals, we can help review Wills, trust documents, and beneficiary designations to help plan your legacy.  We create your list of trusted contacts to help you plan for contingencies and feel better prepared for whatever comes next. 

Additional Services

We assist you in establishing and maintaining secure online connections to all your financial accounts and will coordinate our wealth management services with your legal and accounting professionals as needed to help align your estate, tax, and financial strategies. 

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